FAQs: Integrations

How do I configure barge-in for my Google Dialogflow bot?

You can enable barge-in functionality for the Call Dialogflow Bot action in [More]

How can I select the Dialogflow text-to-speech voice?

To apply your preferred text-to-speech voice, in the Google Dialogflow console you [More]

Can I use data actions with an on-premises solution?

Absolutely! You can use the AWS Lambda data actions integration and associated [More]

Why do I see a Google Dialogflow validation warning?

Do you see the following validation warning: “There are no Architect supported [More]

Can data actions use XML rather than JSON?

No. Data actions for the data actions integrations cannot transmit or accept [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in PureCloud for Salesforce and PureCloud for Zendesk always automatically populated?

Usually. The integrations create subject lines for interactions when the interactions connect. [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in PureCloud for Salesforce customizable?

No. Currently, the subject line is not customizable. Agents can manually override [More]

Do the PureCloud embedded clients allow users to use click-to-dial on behalf of a queue?

Absolutely! With PureCloud for Salesforce, PureCloud for Chrome, and PureCloud for Firefox, [More]

When we click View in Salesforce on the Interaction Log window, why does the page sometimes refresh and sometimes not refresh?

This behavior varies depending on if you are in Sales or Service [More]

How do I add a custom field to my Salesforce pages?

Before you can add a custom field to your Salesforce pages, you [More]

Why aren’t fields appearing on my Salesforce pages?

PureCloud for Salesforce gathers data that you can add as default or [More]

Why isn’t the client appearing in Lightning?

For the client to appear in Salesforce Lightning, change a few settings [More]

Why can’t I find the chat group to receive webhook notifications?

You must be a member of owners-only or members-only PureCloud groups to [More]

Can I use SAML to create a single sign-on integration to PureCloud for my identity provider?

PureCloud does not support custom Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) integrations. As a [More]

Can I use a trusted proxy certificate for content inspection with the Bridge Server?

No. Because the security provided by the Bridge Server depends on mutual [More]

What public IP addresses does PureCloud use?

PureCloud uses public IP addresses provided by Amazon. These public IP addresses [More]

Why is my Bridge Server disconnecting every 10 minutes?

The Bridge Server uses long-lived secure WebSocket connections for bi-directional communication with PureCloud. [More]

Where can a developer find information about outbound dialing?

PureCloud developer tools are documented in the PureCloud Developer Center. This site [More]

Why do some webhook notifications not show up in my target chat rooms?

There is a rate limit of 10 webhook notifications per second. If [More]

Which Salesforce API does PureCloud for Salesforce use?

PureCloud for Salesforce is based on the Salesforce Open CTI APIs, which is [More]