FAQs: Integrations

Can data actions use XML rather than JSON?

No. Data actions for the data actions integrations cannot transmit or accept… [More]

Can Genesys Cloud for Chrome be used with other browsers?

Genesys Cloud for Chrome is not officially supported for use with other… [More]

Can I add a non-E.164 number to an internal contact?

Yes. Under certain circumstances, such as working with SCIM clients, you may… [More]

Can I import users from Genesys Cloud into Okta?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot import users from Genesys Cloud into Okta. Okta… [More]

Can I run Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework or Genesys Cloud for Salesforce in multiple browser tabs?

Yes, you can run Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework or Genesys Cloud for… [More]

Can I use data actions with an on-premises solution?

Absolutely! You can use the AWS Lambda data actions integration and associated… [More]

Can I use Genesys Cloud data actions to perform actions on conversations?

No. You cannot use Genesys Cloud data actions to perform actions on… [More]

Can I use SAML to create a single sign-on integration to Genesys Cloud for my identity provider?

Yes. The generic identity provider configuration enables Genesys Cloud customers to integrate… [More]

Can I use something besides first name plus last name for full name?

Yes, you can! The Genesys Cloud application in Okta uses first name… [More]

Can we call a web service running on a port other than 443?

No. For PCI compliance, the service that executes web services data actions… [More]

Do data actions support mutual authentication of certificates?

Only the web services data actions support mutual authentication. For more information,… [More]

Do data actions work with services using self-signed certificates?

No. Self-signed certificates are not recognized as trustworthy.

Do the Genesys Cloud embedded clients allow users to use click-to-dial on behalf of a queue?

Absolutely! With Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, Genesys Cloud for Chrome, and Genesys… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud for Salesforce integration supports Salesforce Person Account?

Yes, Genesys Cloud for Salesforce integration supports Salesforce Person Accounts. Genesys Cloud… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud SCIM sync information from Genesys Cloud to identity management systems?

No. Genesys Cloud currently only supports unidirectional syncing from identity management systems… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud stream media outside your region when using the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration?

Genesys Cloud streams audio in real time to a user-configurable API URL… [More]

Does Salesforce data actions integration in Genesys Cloud support enhanced domains in Salesforce?

Yes, you can use Genesys Cloud with a Salesforce instance that enables… [More]

Genesys Bot Connector incurs BYOT charges to use. Will its API usage also be subject to the Genesys Cloud fair use policy?

No, while you use Genesys Bot Connector, you only incur BYOT charges…. [More]

How can I select the Google Cloud Dialogflow text-to-speech voice?

To apply your preferred text-to-speech voice, in the Google Cloud Dialogflow console… [More]

How can I start or stop streaming in my Architect call flow when using AudioHook Monitor?

The voice transcription feature enables AudioHook Monitor to start or stop streaming…. [More]

How do I add a custom field to my Salesforce pages?

Before you can add a custom field to your Salesforce pages, you… [More]

How do I configure barge-in for my Google Cloud Dialogflow bot?

You can enable barge-in functionality for the Call Dialogflow Bot action in… [More]

How does Genesys Cloud handle credentials?

Genesys Cloud understands that your credentials and secrets are sensitive information, and… [More]

How many seconds before a data action times out?

Data actions in test mode, in Scripter, and through the API time… [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce and Genesys Cloud for Zendesk always automatically populated?

Usually. The integrations create subject lines for interactions when the interactions connect…. [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce customizable?

No. Currently, the subject line is not customizable. Agents can manually override… [More]

Name change implications for the embedded clients

In 2020, Genesys changed the name of PureCloud to Genesys Cloud. Because… [More]

Special considerations about running multiple Genesys Cloud and Salesforce organizations

To run Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, you must have a Genesys Cloud… [More]

The integration incurs a “per invocation” Lex or Lex V2 charge. What defines a Lex invocation?

A per invocation charge occurs when you call Lex from Architect. You… [More]

What are the charges for a Genesys Cloud voice bot flow that uses the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration?

To use the Nuance Recognizer as a Service (NRaaS) integration in a… [More]

What causes Genesys Cloud to change the status of a Microsoft Entra ID user to inactive or to delete a user?

Genesys Cloud changes the status of a Microsoft Entra ID user to inactive… [More]

What happens during a successful session between Genesys Cloud and your AudioHook server?

A successful AudioHook session includes the following high-level states: Genesys Cloud establishes… [More]

What happens if I unassign a user from the Genesys Cloud application in Okta?

When you unassign a user from the Genesys Cloud application in Okta,… [More]

What happens when I delete a user in Genesys Cloud and later reenable the user in Okta?

When you delete a user in Genesys Cloud and later reenable the… [More]

What public IP addresses does Genesys Cloud use?

Genesys Cloud uses public IP addresses provided by Amazon. These public IP… [More]

When I click View in Salesforce on the Interaction Log window, why does the page sometimes refresh and sometimes not refresh?

This behavior varies depending on if you are in Sales Cloud or… [More]

Where are conversations streamed when using AudioHook Monitor?

If voice transcription is enabled, all conversations are streamed to the URL… [More]

Where can a developer find information about outbound dialing?

Genesys Cloud developer tools are documented in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center…. [More]

Which root certificates are trusted for web services data actions?

The list of root certificates that the web services data actions trust… [More]

Which Salesforce API does Genesys Cloud for Salesforce use?

Genesys Cloud for Salesforce is based on the Salesforce Open CTI APIs, which… [More]

Which text-to-speech (TTS) engine performs the TTS playback when using the Google Cloud Dialogflow CX integration in an Architect call flow?

Text-to-speech (TTS) playback depends on the voice you choose in Architect: If… [More]

Who handles speech-to-text (STT) when using the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration in Genesys Cloud?

Nuance Recognizer as a Service (NRaaS) is a third-party, cloud-to-cloud integration. Genesys… [More]

Why are Genesys Cloud user records unexpectedly changed after an update to Microsoft Entra ID?

Occasionally when Microsoft Entra ID is updated, Microsoft also updates the Genesys… [More]

Why aren’t fields appearing on my Salesforce pages?

Genesys Cloud for Salesforce gathers data that you can add as default… [More]

Why aren’t notifications appearing?

You selected Show system notification for alerting interactions in the client, but… [More]

Why can’t I activate my Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Genesys Cloud may be unable to access your AWS account with the… [More]

Why can’t I add a second Amazon Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Currently Genesys Cloud allows one Amazon Lex and one Lex V2 integration… [More]

Why can’t I find the chat group to receive webhook notifications?

You must be a member of owners-only or members-only Genesys Cloud groups… [More]

Why can’t I get DTMF to work with my Amazon Lex integration?

The Genesys Cloud and Amazon Lex integration does not support DTMF. However,… [More]

Why can’t I hear my foreign language prompts with non-ASCII characters in my Amazon Lex bot?

Genesys Cloud does not support prompts in Amazon Lex V1 bots for… [More]

Why can’t I install the Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Amazon Lex and Lex V2 are premium applications. You cannot install a… [More]

Why can’t I see any bots or aliases in Architect after I activate my Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Make sure that a Lex or Lex V2 bot has been created… [More]

Why do I get an error message when a flow calls into a Lex or Lex V2 bot?

Verify that the IAM role has the permission to run bots. For… [More]

Why do I see a Google Cloud Dialogflow validation warning?

Do you see the following validation warning: “There are no Architect supported… [More]

Why do some webhook notifications not show up in my target chat rooms?

There is a rate limit of 10 webhook notifications per second. If… [More]

Why don’t updates I make to a Lex or Lex V2 bot in the AWS console appear in Architect?

If you publish a new version of a bot, make sure to… [More]

Why isn’t the client appearing in Lightning?

For the client to appear in Salesforce Lightning, change a few settings… [More]