FAQs: Sales

Can I cancel the free service at any time?

Yes. We will remove your organization after a period of inactivity.

Can we evaluate the product for free before using it?

If you would like to request a trial of Genesys Cloud, visit Genesys… [More]

Can we purchase additional instances of the Genesys Cloud service to use for development, QA, or training environments?

Yes, you can create more accounts that are treated and billed just… [More]

Does all our data move with us from the trial to the paid version?

Yes. Your data stays within your organization as you upgrade and add… [More]

How do we downgrade our service?

Contact your designated Customer Success Manager.

How do we order an upgrade to our service?

Contact CloudSales@genesys.com.

How do we receive an initial quote for a new service?

Contact CloudSales@genesys.com.

How long do we have to evaluate the product?

Trials are available for a limited time.