FAQs: Access control

Can users access data in the division they belong to?

A user can be a configuration object within a division. However, an [More]

I see a limited number of objects in administrator views

You may not have appropriate permission to access certain divisions. From an [More]

My scheduled reports fail to run after configuring access control

You may have lost access to the objects you select for the [More]

The Agent Transfer view shows all users (or queues) in the system

Access control does not limit transfer targets for transfers. An agent or [More]

I see data differences in the Skills Performance views

Between two supervisors in a single division, metrics shown in this view [More]

My Queue Activity View shows agents outside of my divisions

When a supervisor has access to the Queue Activity view, they see [More]

I cannot move an object into a division

If you are unable to move an object into a division, confirm [More]