FAQs: Reports

How do active, inactive, and deleted users affect reports and performance views?

Whether agents are active, inactive, or deleted does not impact metrics in… [More]

How do I schedule a report?

Use the report editor to schedule a report. You can choose how… [More]

How does deleting queues affect reports, views, and other data?

After you delete a queue, you can still access its past interactions… [More]

Is there a way to see reports that other users create?

No. You can see only the reports that you create.   

What is the difference between the answered and handle metrics?

Answered and Handle metrics measure two different actions during an interaction. Answered… [More]

What is the retention period for analytics data and recording?

Recording files for policy based recordings are retained according to the retention… [More]

What scenarios cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction in reports and views?

The following examples would cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction… [More]

What type of situations do abandons include in Genesys Cloud?

In Genesys Cloud, abandon is the number of interactions where a customer… [More]

Why does some data not match on the Dialer Campaign detailed Attempt History report and the Interactions view?

The Interactions view and Dialer Campaign Detailed Attempt History report may show… [More]

Why does the Offered metric not always equal the Answered plus Abandoned metrics?

Flow-outs and Genesys Cloud’s method of tracking metric statistics could cause the… [More]