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How do active, inactive, and deleted users affect performance views?

Whether agents are active, inactive, or deleted does not impact metrics in… [More]

How do I schedule an export?

Use the Export panel to schedule an export. You can choose how… [More]

How does deleting queues affect views and other data?

After you delete a queue, you can still access its past interactions… [More]

In reports, when can I expect to see updates for contact list names, queue names, user names, and wrap-up codes?

If you change a contact list name, queue name, user name, or… [More]

Is there a way to see reports that other users create?

No. You can see only the reports that you create.   

What are the limits for SMS/email alert notifications?

The maximum limit on the SMS or emails per alert is set… [More]

What is the difference between the answered and handle metrics?

Answered and Handle metrics measure two different actions during an interaction. Answered… [More]

What is the lifetime of alerts?

The alert status is set to Read when you read an alert… [More]

What is the retention period for analytics data and recording?

Recording files for policy based recordings are retained according to the retention… [More]

What scenarios cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction in reports and views?

The following examples would cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction… [More]

What type of situations do abandons include in Genesys Cloud?

In Genesys Cloud, abandon is the number of interactions where a customer… [More]

Why does some data not match on the Campaign Interactions Detail view and the Interactions view?

The Interactions view and Campaign Interactions Detail view may show different data… [More]

Why does the Offered metric not always equal the Answered plus Abandoned metrics?

Flow-outs and Genesys Cloud’s method of tracking metric statistics could cause the… [More]