FAQs: BYOC Cloud

What happens if I only whitelist some of required public SIP IP addresses for BYOC Cloud?

The BYOC Cloud public SIP IP addresses article specifies that you must [More]

What are the limitations to BYOC Cloud trunks 

PureCloud BYOC Cloud Trunks will connect between the third-party target and the [More]

Can I use BYOC Cloud with BYOC Premises?

No. You must have either a cloud-based organization or a  premises-based organization.

Can I use BYOC Cloud with PureCloud Voice?

Yes. PureCloud BYOC Cloud can be added to existing or new organizations [More]

How do I purchase BYOC Cloud?

If you are already a PureCloud Voice subscriber, you can easily add [More]

What is the pricing for BYOC Cloud?

For information, see BYOC Cloud pricing.

Can I use AWS Direct Connect with PureCloud BYOC Cloud?

Yes. You can use AWS Direct Connect to improve connection quality. Direct [More]

Can I connect PureCloud to my MPLS network for BYOC Cloud voice traffic?

No. MPLS connections to PureCloud for BYOC Cloud customers are not supported. [More]

How do I create a BYOC Cloud trunk 

You create a PureCloud BYOC Cloud trunk from the Admin > Trunks [More]

Can I create multiple BYOC Cloud trunks for my organization?

Yes. You can create and configure multiple BYOC Cloud Trunks within a [More]

What can a BYOC Cloud trunk connect to?

A BYOC Cloud trunk can connect to any SIP-compliant carrier or device [More]

What is a BYOC Cloud trunk?

A PureCloud BYOC Cloud trunk is a customer-defined SIP Trunk between PureCloud [More]

Is BYOC Cloud PCI DSS Compliant?

No. BYOC Cloud is not yet PCI DSS Compliant.

Is BYOC Cloud the right solution right for me?

PureCloud with a Cloud-based carrier may be right for you if any [More]

What IP addresses does BYOC Cloud use for media?

BYOC Cloud uses a variety of IP addresses for media. For a [More]