FAQs: Voicemail

Can I configure an Architect flow to allow inbound callers to opt out of a Genesys Cloud user’s voicemail?

Yes, you can configure the Architect voicemail flow to allow an inbound… [More]

Can I imitate follow me behavior with Genesys Cloud call forwarding?

Yes. To imitate follow me behavior, use Genesys Cloud call forwarding to… [More]

How can I enable voicemail for users?

To receive voicemail, a user must have the Voicemail > Voicemail > Receive permission… [More]

What does a badge on an icon mean?

A badge, or visual alert, on an icon, such as Calls, Chat,… [More]

Why are some features not visible in the UI?

Note: The following Genesys Cloud features currently require additional permissions settings to… [More]

Why do my calls get sent to voicemail when I am in certain statuses?

To prevent interruptions, Genesys Cloud sends your calls to voicemail if you… [More]