FAQs: Enhanced 911

As an agent using Genesys Cloud Voice, is it OK to transfer an inbound call to E911 operators?

No. Genesys discourages Genesys Cloud Voice customers from transferring incoming calls to… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud Voice E911 support Kari’s Law?

Yes, as long as you have these three things in place: Security… [More]

As a remote agent using Genesys Cloud Voice, how should I contact Emergency Services?

As a remote agent working out of your home, you should use… [More]

Does it matter what number is sent to E911?

Yes. The number sent to the E911 operator as the calling number… [More]

Which address is being used for a call to Emergency Services?

That depends on where your organization is located. USA / Canada In… [More]

If I change the location associated with a site, will this temporarily impact my service?

No. Changing the location associated with a site will not impact service…. [More]

If I create a new location, should I then delete my existing location?

If you are no longer using a location it can always be… [More]

Can I create a new location and keep the same main/emergency number as my existing location?

No. Not while the number is still assigned to the existing location…. [More]

Does Genesys Cloud Voice support Enhanced 911 (E911)?

Yes. Genesys Cloud Voice supports the Enhanced 911 service (E911). E911 services… [More]