FAQs: Enhanced 911

As a remote agent using PureCloud Voice, how should I contact Emergency Services?

As a remote agent working out of your home, you should use [More]

Does it matter what number is sent to E911?

Yes. The number that is sent to the E911 operator as the [More]

Which address is being used for a call to Emergency Services?

That depends on where your organization is located. USA In the United [More]

If I change the location associated with a site, will this temporarily impact my service?

No. Changing the location associated with a site will not impact service. [More]

If I create a new location, should I then delete my existing location?

If you are no longer using a location it can always be [More]

If I create a new location and use the same main/emergency number, will Emergency Services be apprised/aware of the address change?

Yes. Emergency Services updates are handled automatically by PureCloud.

Can I create a new location and keep the same main/emergency number as my existing location?

No. Not while the number is still assigned to the existing location. [More]

When setting up a location for PureCloud Voice, how can I tell if the number I specify as the Emergency Number is emergency services capable?

You can determine if a PureCloud Voice number is emergency services capable [More]

Does PureCloud Voice support Enhanced 911 (E911)?

Yes. PureCloud Voice supports the Enhanced 911 service (E911). E911 services are [More]