FAQs: Recordings

An agent ended the interaction, but the disconnect reason says end-user. Why?

If the agent ended the interaction from a headset instead of the Genesys… [More]

Can I bulk download recordings from Genesys Cloud?

You can export recordings in bulk with the AWS S3 recording bulk… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud support the SIPREC protocol for call recording?

No. To learn more about how call recording works in Genesys Cloud,… [More]

How do I give an agent access to just their own chats?

Genesys Cloud allows granting limited access to an agent to view just… [More]

How do I grant a supervisor access to the recordings of just their agents?

Genesys Cloud allows limited access to the recordings for a specific queue…. [More]

How do I record inbound/outbound calls in Genesys Cloud?

You can record inbound and outbound calls by enabling the Recording setting… [More]

What is the difference between a user recording and a policy-based recording?

Users can manually start recording business calls, Genesys Cloud delivers the recording… [More]

What scenarios cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction in reports and views?

The following examples would cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction… [More]

Where are downloaded recordings located on my computer?

If you have the correct permissions, you can download recordings one at… [More]