FAQs: Geolocation

How does my current geolocation sync between the browser or desktop apps and the mobile app?

If you log in from multiple clients, then Genesys Cloud reports your… [More]

How much detail about my geolocation do others see?

In the United States, Genesys Cloud collects and displays the city and… [More]

How often is geolocation data updated?

Your reported geolocation updates whenever your network experiences a change. Examples of… [More]

Is the history of my geolocations stored?

Genesys Cloud stores only your latest and only for one hour.

Is there a timeout for geolocation data?

Your last reported times out after an hour. If, for example, you… [More]

What are the differences between locations, geolocations, and sites in Genesys Cloud?

Genesys Cloud includes three independent concepts that people often call locations: A… [More]

What if I don’t want to share my geolocation?

If you choose not to share your geolocation or turn off geolocation… [More]

What is the geolocation display for international locations?

A is a geographic area that Genesys Cloud determines by IP address…. [More]

Why does my geolocation sometimes display incorrectly?

This may occur when the browser API returns an approximate for the… [More]