FAQs: Geolocation

Is the history of my locations stored?

PureCloud stores only your latest location and only for one hour.

How much detail about my location do others see?

In the United States, PureCloud collects and displays the city and state [More]

Why does my location sometimes display incorrectly?

This may occur when the browser API returns an approximate location for the [More]

What is the location display for international locations?

Person in the US looking at a person in the US = [More]

How does my current location sync between the browser or desktop apps and the mobile app?

Your mobile phone’s location is “primary” when you are using multiple Collaborate [More]

Is there a timeout for location data?

Your last reported location times out after an hour. If, for example, [More]

How often is location data updated?

Your reported location updates whenever your network experiences a change. Examples of [More]

What if I don’t want to share my location?

If you choose not to share your location or turn off location [More]