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Complete your profile, set contact preferences, download applications for desktops and mobile devices, and more.


Get familiar with making, transferring, and working with calls.


Send messages to individuals and groups, create chat rooms, monitor group discussions, search chat conversation history, and check recent chat activity.


Store, organize, and share all types of files securely.


Create communities in your organization based on skill, interest, reporting relationship, or other information in the profiles.


Add contact information, a profile photo, skills, education, work history, location, and more. Browse hierarchy views to see the structure of your organization.


Search the data for individuals and groups in your organization as well as external contacts. Filter searches by department, title, skill, and more.


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Status, presence, and activity

Learn how to set presence, status, and activity indicators to let others know whether you are available for a call or chat.

Video chat

Share your screen to show your work, demonstrate a product, present a slide show, and share ideas.

Voicemail and inbox

Check voicemail, read faxes, listen to recordings, and view evaluations.