FAQs: Collaborate for iOS

Are some features unavailable in Collaborate for iOS that are available for other apps?

Yes. By design, Collaborate for iOS has a limited set of the… [More]

Can I receive calls with the Collaborate mobile app?

No. Collaborate for iOS and Android is not a telephony endpoint. For… [More]

How can I add notes to a voicemail message in Collaborate for iOS?

To add a note, tap Add in the Notes section. Then type… [More]

How can I check for available updates for Collaborate for iOS?

To check the version of the Genesys Cloud mobile app that you… [More]

How can I check my voicemail messages with Collaborate for iOS?

Tap Menu and select Inbox. Tap Voicemail. Tap the voicemail message that you want… [More]

How do calls work with Collaborate for iOS?

For calls on mobile devices, Genesys recommends Genesys Cloud Communicate for iOS,… [More]

How do I change my geolocation setting in Collaborate for iOS?

If you previously declined to allow Collaborate for iOS access to your… [More]

How do I select my region?

When you log in to the browser app, desktop app, or mobile app,… [More]

How do I share my current geolocation with Collaborate for iOS?

When you install Genesys Cloud for iOS on your mobile device, the… [More]

How do I sign out of Collaborate for iOS?

To sign out of Collaborate for iOS, do the following: To the… [More]

How do notifications sync between the mobile apps and the desktop or browser apps?

When your desktop browser app presence is Online or Busy, you do… [More]

How does my current geolocation sync between the browser or desktop apps and the mobile app?

If you log in from multiple clients, then Genesys Cloud reports your… [More]

How does status sync between the mobile app and the desktop or browser apps?

When you change your status in any app, the change synchronizes with… [More]

If I deleted a group voicemail, did I delete it for everyone in the group?

Yes. When you delete a group voicemail, you immediately delete it from… [More]

On iOS, what do I receive notifications for and how?

Collaborate for iOS notifies you of one-to-one chat messages and of group… [More]

What happens if I am signed into both Collaborate and Communicate and I sign out of one?

Collaborate and Communicate have independent logins. If you log out of one,… [More]

What is the difference between Genesys Collaborate for Android and iOS and Genesys Communicate for Android and iOS?

Collaborate is a chat application that allows you to collaborate with your… [More]

Where can I download the desktop and mobile apps?

You can download Collaborate for iOS from the App store. Search for… [More]

Why are Collaborate for iOS users missing expected functionality, such as the inbox or call controls?

Missing permissions can cause unpredictable behavior with Collaborate for iOS. Double check… [More]

Why do I get a Session Expired message?

A session is not meant to be permanent. Sessions expire for security… [More]