FAQs: Contact center managers

What type of situations do abandons include in PureCloud?

In PureCloud, abandon is the number of interactions where a customer disconnects [More]

Why does some data not match on the Dialer Campaign detailed Attempt History report and the Interactions view?

The Interactions view and Dialer Campaign Detailed Attempt History report may show [More]

What scenarios cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction in reports and views?

The following examples would cause an interaction to have an inbound/outbound direction [More]

What is the difference between the answered and handle metrics?

Answered and handle measure two different actions during an interaction. Answered counts how [More]

How do active, inactive, and deleted users affect reports and performance views?

Whether agents are active, inactive, or deleted does not impact metrics in [More]

Why do multiple concurrent PureCloud logins cause problems?

PureCloud does not support multiple concurrent logins to the same account. PureCloud [More]

How can managers see their employee’s quality evaluations?

Anyone with the appropriate permissions can see evaluations, so it depends on [More]

What happens when the user flags the call? Can I as an administrator see the flag in reports? Or is it just information for Genesys?

In Performance > Interactions, PureCloud Supervisors can see that an agent or [More]

What does the lock icon represent?

The lock icon next to an activity indicates that the activity is [More]

Why does the Offered metric not always equal the Answered plus Abandoned metrics?

Flow-outs and PureCloud’s method of tracking metric statistics could cause the Offered [More]

Where can a developer find information about outbound dialing?

PureCloud developer tools are documented in the PureCloud Developer Center. This site [More]

Which additional roles do contact center agents and supervisors need?

Contact center agents and supervisors need extra roles assigned to them so they [More]

What’s the difference between a script template and a component template?

Script editor offers two types of templates: Script templates are entire scripts [More]

Why are calls not recording?

Call recording requires that Line Recording is enabled on the SIP trunk [More]

How do I create a group?

Members of an organization must have permission to create groups. For admins, see [More]

How do I join or leave an official group?

Only group owners can add or remove members from an official group. For [More]