FAQs: General

An agent ended the interaction, but the disconnect reason says end-user. Why?

If the agent ended the interaction from a headset instead of the Genesys… [More]

Can Genesys Cloud connect to another PBX?

Genesys Cloud can connect to any PBX that supports SIP. However, Genesys… [More]

Can I offload data into an external system and return it into Genesys Cloud later?

No. After data is moved out of Genesys Cloud, it cannot be… [More]

Can I opt out of a Genesys Cloud update?

No. Genesys Cloud strives to provide a consistent and continuous experience for… [More]

How can I check for outages, availability, and the system status of Genesys Cloud?

Click the link below for Genesys Cloud’s operational, system availability, incident, and… [More]

How can I check for the newest version of the desktop app?

The Genesys Cloud desktop app notifies you when a new version is… [More]

How can I enable voicemail for users?

To receive voicemail, a user must have the Voicemail > Voicemail > Receive permission… [More]

How can I report an issue with Genesys Cloud?

Contact your administrator about a problem in Genesys Cloud From any product… [More]

How do I log out of Genesys Cloud?

From the sidebar, click your profile picture in Genesys Cloud to access… [More]

How do I select my region?

When you log in to the browser app, desktop app, or mobile app,… [More]

How do I submit an enhancement request?

If you want to make an enhancement request for Genesys Cloud, Genesys… [More]

What if the Resource Center does not display correctly?

If the Resource Center’s navigation or features do not display correctly, clear… [More]

Where do I find a list of features included in Genesys Cloud subscription packages?

For Genesys Cloud feature subscription package information, see the Genesys Cloud feature… [More]

Why do I need to re-enter my Genesys Cloud credentials?

Users in HIPAA organizations are logged out of Genesys Cloud when their… [More]

Why do I see articles on Genesys Cloud features that I don’t have?

There can be a few reasons why the Resource Center mentions features that… [More]

Why do multiple concurrent Genesys Cloud logins cause problems?

Genesys Cloud does not support multiple concurrent logins to the same account…. [More]

Why don’t my credentials work when I log back in to Genesys Cloud?

If you have difficulty logging in to Genesys Cloud, you may see… [More]