FAQs: ACD messages

How do I migrate to web messaging from an existing web chat implementation?

Web messaging requires new message flows and changes to your website to [More]

How do I send an SMS from an Architect call flow?

To configure agentless SMS notifications from an Architect flow: Create a data [More]

Is there a size limit for transferring files with ACD Messaging?

Yes, when transferring files to other messaging platforms, Genesys Cloud restricts inbound and outbound [More]

What are SMS pricing rate classes?

Rate classes are the way that Genesys Cloud categorizes SMS pricing. More [More]

Does placing a call on behalf of a queue affect standard ACD routing?

The manually-dialed outbound call on behalf of queue counts as resetting the [More]

What does Not responding mean?

When an agent declines or does not answer an interaction within a [More]

What do the timers in an interaction mean?

The first timer shows how long the interaction has been active. Depending [More]

Why do sender IDs change in international SMS messages?

When crossing an international border, the SMS message’s sender ID may change.  [More]

Is there a character limit for SMS messages?

Yes. Most SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters. If an [More]

How does Genesys Cloud handle SMS messages with unicode characters?

Some languages, like Arabic and Japanese, use unicode characters. Genesys Cloud can [More]

Does Genesys Cloud support group SMS?

Not at this time. If an end user sends a group SMS, [More]