Genesys Bot Connector incurs BYOT charges to use. Will its API usage also be subject to the Genesys Cloud fair use policy?

No, while you use Genesys Bot Connector, you only incur BYOT charges…. [More]

How does Genesys Cloud know which trunk to route a given call through?

Genesys Cloud Edge and Media Tier route calls as specified in your… [More]

Is BYOC PCI DSS compliant?

Yes. BYOC Premises and BYOC Cloud are both PCI DSS Compliant.  

What is BYOC?

BYOC, which is an acronym for Bring Your Own Carrier, allows you… [More]

Will BYOC support inbound trunk redundancy and failover?

BYOC allows customers to define multiple trunks, potentially to more than one… [More]

Will BYOC support outbound trunk redundancy and failover?

A Genesys Cloud BYOC trunk allows for multiple destination SIP servers or… [More]