FAQs: AudioHook Monitor

Can premises-based Edge customers use AudioHook Monitor?

Genesys Cloud does not support AudioHook Monitor for premises-based Edge (LDM) customers,… [More]

How many AudioHook Monitor integrations can I have?

Genesys Cloud supports up to two AudioHook Monitor integration installations. This limitation… [More]

I want to stream queue audio for a subset of calls. How do I control which calls to stream audio for?

To stream queue audio for a subset of calls with AudioHook Monitor,… [More]

Why do I need to configure voice transcription in order to use AudioHook Monitor?

The voice transcription feature enables AudioHook to start or stop streaming to… [More]

Will AudioHook Monitor cause latency issues?

Latency is possible due to network issues and internet reliability. These issues… [More]