FAQs: Fax

How are faxes sent and received in Genesys Cloud?

When a user sends a fax, Genesys Cloud converts the file to… [More]

How can I set up faxing for a user?

Add the Conversation > Fax > Send and Conversation > One Number Fax… [More]

What does a badge on an icon mean?

A badge, or visual alert, on an icon, such as Calls, Chat,… [More]

Where can I find details about faxes I have sent?

To see details about a fax, such as the number you sent… [More]

Where can I find sent or received faxes?

Genesys Cloud Documents stores any faxes you send or receive as files in your… [More]

Where can I view the interaction Fax Analytics?

You can find the interaction Fax Analytics in the Interactions view. Note:… [More]