FAQs: Web messaging

Does Co-browse support cross-domain and cross-subdomain browsing?

Not at this time. Co-browse sessions will only continue across page navigation… [More]

Does Messenger support a conversation across multiple browser tabs or windows?

Messenger will display the up-to-date conversation in up to three separate browser… [More]

Does my website need the Messenger deployment on every page in order to support co-browse?

Yes, co-browse relies on the Messenger snippet to continue the session when… [More]

Does my website need the Messenger deployment snippet and the Predictive Engagement tracking snippet?

The Messenger deployment snippet loads the Predictive Engagement snippet automatically, if Predictive… [More]

Does web messaging support custom attributes (participant data)?

Yes, brands can define and send custom attributes (participant data) on any… [More]

How do I migrate from legacy co-browse to the new co-browse for Messenger?

To migrate from co-browse for web chat to co-browse for web messaging,… [More]

How do I migrate to web messaging from an existing web chat implementation?

Web messaging requires an inbound message flow and changes to your website… [More]

How does Messenger determine which participant name and avatar to display?

When you enable Humanize your Conversation for your Messenger configuration, Messenger displays… [More]

How long are older messages stored in Genesys Cloud?

End-user can access messages over the last 15 days. Messages remain as… [More]

How long are older messages visible or accessible to end-users?

Web Messaging will expose previous messages from the current conversation over a… [More]

Is the Web Messaging Guest session duration configurable?

Currently, this session duration is not configurable, and is hardcoded at 72… [More]

Is the Web Messaging Guest session duration related to Threading Timeline?

No, the messaging threading timeline does not affect Web Messaging Guest session duration…. [More]

Under what circumstances is the customer message history cleared?

After 72 hours of message inactivity, the Guest session expires, and client… [More]

What are Guest Session Token requirements?

The client messaging app generates the unique Guest token required by Web… [More]

What is the size limit for inbound web messages?

Messenger enables web messaging by providing a predefined messenger window that customers… [More]