FAQs: Chat

Can I connect third-party chat clients to Genesys Cloud chat?

No. We currently do not support connecting Genesys Cloud chat to third-party… [More]

Can I delete a chat message?

No. You cannot manually delete a chat message. 

Can I remove myself or someone else from a personal chat room?

Group owners with the Chat > Participant > Delete permission can remove… [More]

Can I remove one-to-one and group chats from my chat list?

You can close one-to-one and groups chats by clicking Close. Closing a… [More]

How can I invite someone into a chat room?

To invite a person into a chat room, you can @mention them.

How do I disable the /giphy chat command for users?

To disable the /giphy chat command for users, remove the Chat >… [More]

How do I turn off chat notifications?

To turn off chat notifications for a single group chat room or… [More]

What are the orange lines in chats and how do I remove them?

This line shows which messages are unread based on when the room… [More]

What does a badge on an icon mean?

A badge, or visual alert, on an icon, such as Calls, Chat,… [More]

What does it mean if the group chat room is full?

A chat room can have a maximum of 1000 participants. If a group chat… [More]

What is the difference between a group chat room and a personal chat room?

Both types of chat room appear under Groups in the Chat panel,… [More]

Where did my search chat button go?

If you make your Genesys Cloud window too narrow, the Search button… [More]