FAQs: Data actions

Can data actions use XML rather than JSON?

No. Data actions for the data actions integrations cannot transmit or accept… [More]

Can I use data actions with an on-premises solution?

Absolutely! You can use the AWS Lambda data actions integration and associated… [More]

Can I use Genesys Cloud data actions to perform actions on conversations?

No. You cannot use Genesys Cloud data actions to perform actions on… [More]

Can we call a web service running on a port other than 443?

No. For PCI compliance, the service that executes web services data actions… [More]

Do data actions support mutual authentication of certificates?

Only the web services data actions support mutual authentication. For more information,… [More]

Do data actions work with services using self-signed certificates?

No. Self-signed certificates are not recognized as trustworthy.

Does Salesforce data actions integration in Genesys Cloud support enhanced domains in Salesforce?

Yes, you can use Genesys Cloud with a Salesforce instance that enables… [More]

How does Genesys Cloud handle credentials?

Genesys Cloud understands that your credentials and secrets are sensitive information, and… [More]

How many seconds before a data action times out?

Data actions in test mode, in Scripter, and through the API time… [More]

Is the mutual TLS (mTLS) certificate publicly trusted?

Genesys Cloud provides two mTLS client certificate options: Genesys Cloud-signed client certificate… [More]

Which root certificates are trusted for web services data actions?

The list of root certificates that the web services data actions trust… [More]