FAQs: Genesys Cloud for Zendesk

Can I still use Google’s third-party deprecation flags for testing while using Genesys Cloud?

Yes. For customers using Chrome 120 version, Google recommends using the following… [More]

Do the Genesys Cloud embedded clients allow users to use click-to-dial on behalf of a queue?

Absolutely! With Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, Genesys Cloud for Chrome, and Genesys… [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce and Genesys Cloud for Zendesk always automatically populated?

Usually. The integrations create subject lines for interactions when the interactions connect…. [More]

Name change implications for the embedded clients

In 2020, Genesys changed the name of PureCloud to Genesys Cloud. Because… [More]

Whether Google Chrome’s third-party cookie phase out affects Genesys Cloud services?

Google Chrome’s phasing out of third-party cookie impacts Genesys Cloud embedded clients… [More]

Why aren’t notifications appearing?

You selected Show system notification for alerting interactions in the client, but… [More]