FAQs: Contact center agents

What does Not responding mean?

When an agent declines or does not answer an interaction within a [More]

Why do multiple concurrent PureCloud logins cause problems?

PureCloud does not support multiple concurrent logins to the same account. PureCloud [More]

What do the timers in an interaction mean?

The first timer shows how long the interaction has been active. Depending [More]

Can I remove my email address from my profile?

You can change your email address, and you can add email addresses, [More]

Why don’t my credentials work when I log back in to PureCloud?

If you have difficulty logging in to PureCloud, you may see this [More]

Why do I need to re-enter my PureCloud credentials?

Users in HIPAA organizations are logged out of PureCloud when their browsing [More]

Why do my calls get sent to voicemail when I am in certain statuses?

To prevent interruptions, PureCloud sends your calls to voicemail if you are [More]

Can I attach files to an ACD email message?

You can attach most types of files to an ACD email reply [More]

How can I check for the newest version of the desktop app?

The PureCloud desktop app notifies you when a new version is available [More]

How can I include a hyperlink in a response?

To include a clickable hyperlink in a response, type the complete URL. Alternatively, copy [More]