FAQs: Workforce Management

What happens to an agent’s schedule and history if they move management units?

When you move an agent from one management unit to another, the [More]

Can I schedule more agents than assigned to concurrent licenses?

Yes, workforce management only enforces permission checks. Example: if you have 500 [More]

What do the empty boxes before an activity represent?

An activity with a flexible start time is represented by outlined increments [More]

Can I change the activity length from the shift view?

In the shift view, hover at the beginning or end of an [More]

How do I preview a shift with flexible start times?

When you set a shift’s start time, you can optionally allow for [More]

What does the marked out currency symbol represent?

The currency icon with a slash next to an activity indicates that [More]

What does the lock icon represent?

The lock icon next to an activity indicates that the activity is [More]