FAQs: Gamification

Can I redeem performance points?

There is not a way to redeem performance points within Genesys Cloud.

How are performance points calculated?

Performance points calculate in real time when users meet or exceed performance… [More]

If a user forgets to log out of the queue at the end of a shift, is this adjusted in the points for punctuality?

There is no way to adjust points if a user forgets to… [More]

What are performance points?

Performance points represent an intangible reward to users when they achieve or… [More]

Which time zone is used for workdays?

If you are using Workforce Management (WFM), gamification uses the BU/MU time… [More]

Why are my points decreasing during the workday?

User metrics change throughout the workday to reflect your performance. Performance points… [More]

Why can’t I see the punctuality data in my account?

You can only see punctuality data if you have customer interactions scheduled… [More]