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Why do multiple concurrent PureCloud logins cause problems?

PureCloud does not support multiple concurrent logins to the same account. PureCloud [More]

Why does the Offered metric not always equal the Answered plus Abandoned metrics?

Flow-outs and PureCloud’s method of tracking metric statistics could cause the Offered [More]

How do I replace a PureCloud Edge?

To replace a PureCloud Edge, see Replace the Edge.

How do I set up the PureCloud WebRTC phone

Click the link below for comprehensive instructions on setting up the PureCloud [More]

How do I configure managed phones for FENT?

Click the link below to configure managed phones under the FENT (Far-End NAT [More]

How do I get the conversation ID?

The conversation ID is a unique identifier for each interaction in PureCloud. [More]

What if my carrier does not support the E.164 international numbering plan?

PureCloud can transform the calling and called party numbers sent on an outbound [More]

How can I check for outages, availability, and the system status of PureCloud?

Click the link below for PureCloud’s operational, system availability, incident, and outage [More]