Note: This article applies to Genesys Cloud SCIM (Identity Management).

Occasionally when Microsoft Entra ID is updated, Microsoft also updates the Genesys Cloud for Azure user provisioning app. As a result, unexpected changes may be made to Genesys Cloud user records. In some cases, these changes may affect the ability of your users to work in Genesys Cloud.   

Identify the scope of changes 

Start by reviewing Microsoft’s audit logs for Microsoft Entra ID: 

Next, review audit log information in Genesys Cloud: 
  • Use the Genesys Cloud audit log viewer to review certain changes made by the Microsoft Entra ID provisioning app
  • For more information about all of the data that is captured in the Genesys Cloud audit log, see Action Catalog.   

Fix incorrect attribute mappings

If Microsoft has incorrectly updated attributes to Genesys Cloud user records, go to the Genesys Cloud for Azure user provisioning app and update the mappings there. Depending on the changes that were made, you may need to manually intervene after you reset the attribute mappings to your desired state. 
Additionally, you may want to contact Microsoft Support and open a service request.