FAQs: Documents

How much storage do I have for my documents?

If you are using a Genesys Cloud Communicate license, then you have… [More]

Why can’t I see Documents?

In order to see Documents, you must have the Employee role or any role… [More]

Why can’t I see the group workspace I need?

In order to see a , you must be added as a… [More]

How do I know when to assign an attribute to a file?

Your admin tells you which attributes are available and when to use them.

How are attributes different than tags?

Attributes are for standardization Attributes allow admins to standardize how files are organized across… [More]

How do I unshare a document?

You can unshare a document from your . For more information on unsharing a… [More]

How do I find a file in my Documents repository?

Your Documents repository is designed to hold a lot of files. The… [More]

What are workspaces?

Workspaces are places where you store your documents, or files. You have one personal workspace, called …. [More]

Can I have multiple versions of a file?

In Documents, you can replace an existing file with a new version… [More]

Who can I share files with?

You can share files with anyone, including Genesys Cloud groups and people who… [More]

How do I add files to a workspace?

You add files to a workspace by uploading them from either your desktop… [More]

What kinds of files can I store or view in Documents?

You can store nearly every type of file in your Documents repository. For… [More]

Who can see my documents?

You are the only person who can see documents in your personal… [More]

Where is my data stored?

When you upload a document to Genesys Cloud, it is securely stored… [More]

What can I upload?

You can upload any type of file to Genesys Cloud Documents. The… [More]

How many documents can I upload?

You can upload as many documents as you like, as long as… [More]