FAQs: Hybrid media

Now that I am unable to create additional Edge groups, how do I go about dedicating specific Edges to Dialer traffic?

If you were using multiple Edge groups to dedicate Edge resources for… [More]

What are Site Interconnects?

Site Interconnects allow you to configure which network interface is used to… [More]

What are Site Links?

Site Links are a hybrid media technology that allows you to connect… [More]

What is a hybrid media organization?

A hybrid organization is one that combines Cloud and Premises telephony connection… [More]

What is the Hybrid Media Group?

The Hybrid Media Group is a unified container for all telephony and… [More]

Why am I encountering the message “This offering is currently unavailable from your Genesys Reseller on AppFoundry”?

If a Genesys Cloud partner purchased and set up your Genesys Cloud… [More]

Why can’t I create additional Edge groups?

On May 11, 2022 Genesys Cloud introduced hybrid media capability to all… [More]

Why do I see hybrid items in my brand new Genesys Cloud organization?

As of May 11, 2022 Genesys Cloud automatically creates all new organizations… [More]

Without multiple Edge groups how do Edges in different Sites communicate with each other?

Edges communicate with each other through a tie trunk feature called Site… [More]