FAQs: Ordering

Can we purchase additional instances of the Genesys Cloud service to use for development, QA, or training environments?

Yes, you can create more accounts that are treated and billed just… [More]

How can I compare Genesys Cloud capabilities?

You can see the Expanded Plan comparison on the Genesys website. For… [More]

How do I cancel a paid subscription?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager to assist with any service changes.

How do we downgrade our service?

Contact your designated Customer Success Manager.

How do we order an upgrade to our service?

Contact CloudSales@genesys.com.

How do we order more hardware such as phones?

Please contact your Genesys Cloud sales team (direct or partner) for new… [More]

How do we receive an initial quote for a new service?

Contact CloudSales@genesys.com.

What plans are available with Genesys Cloud?

You can see the available plans on the Genesys website. For more… [More]

What regions are available for new customer activations?

Genesys Cloud is available in multiple regions globally. Regardless of geographic location,… [More]

Where can I find your Service Level Agreements?

Service level agreements are applicable only for paid services. You can find… [More]

Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions are specific to your type of subscription: Genesys… [More]