FAQs: External Contacts

Are custom field values available to analytics?

The contact and the organization values are available.

Are custom fields values available as conditions to Architect flows?

Yes, via data actions.

Are custom fields values settable as an action?

Yes, via data actions.

Are External Contacts and single customer view division aware?

External Contacts and single customer view are unaware of divisions.

Can I add a non-E.164 number to a phone field for an External Contact?

To add non-E.164 numbers, or numbers that do not conform to the… [More]

Can I export custom fields values?

Yes, you can use the API to import and export custom field… [More]

How can I disable External Contacts and single customer view?

To disable External Contacts and single customer view, remove the Externalcontacts > Contacts > All permissions from the… [More]

How do I add or merge a communication channel to an existing External Contact?

You can add an email address, phone number, or other communication channel… [More]

How do I promote an ephemeral contact to a curated contact?

You can promote an ephemeral, or temporary, contact to be a curated… [More]

How many External Contacts can I have? Is there a limit?

The default limit for External Contacts is 10 million. If you need… [More]

How many phone numbers can I enter for a contact?

You can specify up to 4 phone numbers. For more information, see… [More]

Is there a way to set the country code for telephone numbers during a bulk CSV import of external contacts?

When entering phone numbers, use the full E.164 phone number, which includes… [More]

What is single customer view?

Single customer view is a capability enhancement in External Contacts. It allows… [More]

What licenses do I need for External Contacts?

You automatically get the basic External Contacts feature with any Genesys Cloud… [More]

What types of contacts can I merge?

In Genesys Cloud, you can merge the following types of contact records:… [More]

Where can I find the External Contacts sample CSV bulk import file?

Genesys Cloud provides a sample CSV file to help you format the… [More]