FAQs: External Contacts

Are custom field values available to analytics?

The contact and the organization values are available.

Can I add a non-E.164 number to a phone field for an External Contact?

You can use the Other phone field. To add non-E.164 numbers, or… [More]

Can I export custom fields values?

Yes, you can use the API to import and export custom field… [More]

Can I merge two curated contacts?

In Genesys Cloud, you can merge the following kinds of contact records:… [More]

How do I add or merge a communication channel to an existing External Contact?

You can add an email address, phone number, or other communication channel… [More]

How do I promote an ephemeral contact to a curated contact?

You can promote an ephemeral, or temporary, contact to be a curated… [More]

How many External Contacts can I have? Is there a limit?

You can have up to 10 million managed entities in your Genesys… [More]

How many phone numbers can I enter for a contact?

You can specify up to 4 phone numbers. For more information, see… [More]

Is there a way to set the country code for telephone numbers during a bulk CSV import of external contacts?

When entering phone numbers, use the full E.164 phone number, which includes… [More]

What licenses do I need for External Contacts?

You automatically get the basic External Contacts feature with with any Genesys… [More]

Where can I find the External Contacts sample CSV bulk import file?

Genesys Cloud provides a sample CSV file to help you format the… [More]