Learn about the initial setup tasks to perform to have your Genesys Cloud CX organization up and running. The tasks to perform depend on your current onboarding status and role. If you are looking to explore the capabilities of Genesys Cloud CX, you can sign up for a free trial as explained in About GCNow free trials.

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Before you begin, understand the preliminary tasks that you must perform after you subscribe to Genesys Cloud CX and before going live. 

Genesys Cloud onboarding

Genesys Cloud onboarding checklist

Administrators are responsible for daily operation, user and group administration, call flow setup, configuration changes, usage policies, and collection of materials needed by Genesys Cloud Support like conversation IDs or console logs. 

If you are an administrator, perform these tasks. 

Activate your organization

Activate a new organization

  • Add people
  • Assign roles
  • Add groups
  • Add locations
  • Add workspaces for document sharing

  1. Add people to your organization (required)
  2. Add a destination for issue submissions (required)
  3. Assign roles, divisions, licenses, and add-ons
  4. Modify the profile layout
  5. Set up groups
  6. Add locations
  7. Set up group workspaces
  8. Invite users (required)

For more information, see Get started administering Genesys Cloud.

Set up telephony

Get started with telephony

Set up auto attendant call flows (Architect)

Create a flow

Get started with the Architect tutorial

Business users use collaborative features such as chat, video conference, directory search, calls, and document sharing.

If you are a business user, perform these tasks. 

  • Complete a profile
  • Set contact options
  • Download desktop and mobile apps

Get started collaborating

Contact center agents perform inbound and outbound customer interactions by phone, email, or chat. They are responsible for joining queues, annotating recordings, viewing evaluations, and assigning wrap-up codes.

If you are a contact center agent, perform these tasks. 

  • Add an agent name and image for web chats
  • Select a phone
  • Select queues
  • Go on and off queue
  • Complete interactions
  • Request assistance
  • View the performance dashboard

Get started (agents)

Contact center managers are responsible for configuring and executing contact center activities such as outbound dialing campaigns, scripts, quality evaluations, and workforce management schedules.

If you are a contact center manager, perform these tasks. 

  • Complete the Planning Guide
  • Create queues
  • Create wrap-up codes
  • Create call flows
  • Add schedules 
  • Configure IVR routing
  • Set up agents
Get started administering Genesys Cloud contact center

What’s next?

After you complete the initial Genesys Cloud setup, we recommend that you add more users and continue configuring Genesys Cloud features. For more information and quick start packages, search the Genesys Cloud Resource Center.

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