FAQs: Communicate for Android

Can I receive call center interactions with Communicate for Android or Communicate for iOS?

Can I silence the ringer for Communicate for Android?

Yes. Incoming calls for Communicate appear as notifications. To silence the ringer,… [More]

How can I check for available updates for Communicate for Android?

To check the version of Communicate for Android that you have, do… [More]

How do I log out of Communicate for Android?

To log out of Communicate for Android, tap Menu and then Logout.

What are the requirements for Communicate for Android and iOS?

To use Communicate for Android or Communicate for iOS you must have… [More]

What does it mean to place calls with another app? Should I enable that option in Phone Settings for the desktop or web app if  I want to place calls with Communicate?

This option allows you to make calls with third party-applications. Communicate is… [More]

What happens if I am signed into both Collaborate and Communicate and I sign out of one?

When you sign out of either Collaborate or Communicate for Android, Genesys… [More]

What is the difference between Genesys Collaborate for Android and iOS and Genesys Communicate for Android and iOS?

Collaborate is a chat application that allows you to collaborate with your… [More]

When I make an outbound call with Communicate for Android or iOS, what number does the recipient see?

The recipient sees Genesys Cloud phone number instead of the cell phone… [More]

Why do I get a Session Expired message?

A session is not meant to be permanent. Sessions expire for security… [More]

With Communicate, what do I receive notifications for and how?

Communicate for Android and iOS notifies you of incoming calls.