FAQs: Dialogflow

How do I configure barge-in for my Google Dialogflow bot?

You can enable barge-in functionality for the Call Dialogflow Bot action in [More]

How can I select the Dialogflow text-to-speech voice?

To apply your preferred text-to-speech voice, in the Google Dialogflow console you [More]

Why do I see a Google Dialogflow validation warning?

Do you see the following validation warning: “There are no Architect supported [More]

What roles do I add to my Google Dialogflow service account?

Grant the Dialogflow API Client and Dialogflow API Reader roles to the service account. [More]

Google Dialogflow design time issues in Architect flow

Make sure to set the correct Bot language locale for your bot [More]

Why can’t I see multiple bots in the GCP console?

Google only allows one bot per project. To see multiple bots, create [More]

Why doesn’t my Google Dialogflow intent appear as an output in Architect?

To appear as an output in Architect, when you create an intent [More]