FAQs: Genesys Tempo™ for Android

Does use of Genesys Tempo™ for Android impact billing for customer who use by-the-hour pricing?

No, Genesys Tempo users are not treated as logged in when they… [More]

How do I logout of Genesys Tempo™ for Android?

Tap Settings, and then tap Logout.

How do I use Genesys Tempo™ for Android to create a time-off request with non-sequential dates?

Currently, Genesys Tempo does not support the ability to create time-off requests… [More]

If I log into Collaborate for Android, do I need to log in to Genesys Tempo™ for Android separately?

No, when you log into Collaborate, you also log into Tempo.

Where can I find answers to frequently-asked questions about Genesys Tempo for Android?

You can find a list of FAQs for Genesys Tempo for Android… [More]