FAQs: BYOC Premises

Can I create multiple BYOC Premises trunks for my organization

Yes. You can create and configure multiple BYOC premises-based trunks within a… [More]

Can I use BYOC Cloud with BYOC Premises?

Yes. To do so, you’ll use the hybrid telephony connection features. For… [More]

Can I use BYOC Premises with Genesys Cloud Voice?

Yes. You can use BYOC Premises with Genesys Cloud Voice. For more… [More]

How can I determine which BYOC Premises – Genesys Hardware Solution Edge is powering my BYOC Premises configuration?

There are five Edge versions that you can be using in a… [More]

How do I create a BYOC Premises trunk?

You create a BYOC Premises trunk under the Telephony Admin UI in… [More]

Is BYOC Premises PCI DSS Compliant?

Yes. BYOC Premises is PCI DSS Compliant.

Is BYOC Premises the right solution for me?

Using BYOC Premises for your Genesys Cloud telephony connection may be right… [More]

What are the differences between locations, geolocations, and sites in Genesys Cloud?

Genesys Cloud includes three independent concepts that people often call locations: A… [More]

What can a BYOC Premises trunk connect to?

A BYOC Premises trunk can connect to any SIP-compliant carrier or device… [More]

What is a BYOC Premises trunk?

A BYOC Premises trunk is a SIP trunk that you configure between… [More]

What is the pricing for BYOC Premises?

When you put a BYOC Premises Edge into an In Service state,… [More]