FAQs: BYOC Premises

Can I create multiple BYOC Premises trunks for my organization

Yes. You can create and configure multiple BYOC premises-based trunks within a… [More]

Can I use BYOC Cloud with BYOC Premises?

No. You must have either a cloud-based organization or a  premises-based organization.

Can I use BYOC Premises with Genesys Cloud Voice?

No. You must have either a premises-based organization or a Cloud-based organization.  

How can I determine which Edge is powering my BYOC Premises configuration?

There are five Edge versions that you can be using in a… [More]

How do I create a BYOC Premises trunk?

You create a BYOC Premises trunk under the Telephony Admin UI in… [More]

Is BYOC Premises PCI DSS Compliant?

Yes. BYOC Premises is PCI DSS Compliant.

Is BYOC Premises the right solution for me?

Genesys Cloud with a premises-based trunk may be right for you if… [More]

What are the limitations to BYOC Premises trunks?

BYOC Premises trunks require functioning premises Edge equipment and routes to the… [More]

What can a BYOC Premises trunk connect to?

A BYOC Premises trunk can connect to any SIP-compliant carrier or device… [More]

What is a BYOC Premises trunk?

A BYOC Premises trunk is a SIP trunk that you configure between… [More]

What is the pricing for BYOC Premises?

BYOC Premises does not have an additional per-minute fee like BYOC Cloud… [More]