FAQs: Topic spotting

Topic spotting – Are email and chat attachments analyzed?

No, email and chat attachments are not analyzed. Speech and text analytics… [More]

Topic spotting – Are there out-of-the-box topics?

The speech and text analytics solution includes a variety of out-of-the-box topics… [More]

Topic spotting – Are topics and intents from bots the same thing?

Although they are similar concepts, topics and bots are unique and serve… [More]

Topic spotting – How do I create and configure a default program?

To create a program and configure it as a default program, you… [More]

Topic spotting – How do I generate and use out-of-the-box topics?

To generate and use out-of-the-box topics, you must invoke the create general… [More]

Topic spotting – What are programs used for?

A program is a group of topics that provide instructions to speech… [More]

Topic spotting – What are topics used for?

A topic encapsulates a business level intent detected within interactions. Key phrases… [More]

Topic spotting – What is the best way to organize my topics ?

The best way to organize topics is to tag them.  Tags provide… [More]