FAQs: Pricing and billing

Are Microsoft Teams users who do not log in to Genesys Cloud billed?

Microsoft Teams users who do not log in to Genesys Cloud at… [More]

Can we change from a concurrent license to named user license model, or vice versa?

It is possible to change your license model from concurrent users to… [More]

Can we purchase additional instances of the Genesys Cloud service to use for development, QA, or training environments?

Yes, you can create more accounts that are treated and billed just… [More]

Does your pricing for Genesys Cloud and Genesys Cloud Voice include applicable taxes?

No. Our fees do not include any taxes, levies, duties, or similar… [More]

How are users counted in Genesys Cloud services, as named or concurrent? 

, , and can be licensed as either a named user or… [More]

How can I compare Genesys Cloud capabilities?

You can see the Expanded Plan comparison on the Genesys website. For… [More]

How can we see our usage statistics for the current billing period?

After a subscription has been purchased, any admin with the ‘billing subscription’… [More]

How do I know which service period is included on my invoice?

The prepay users are invoiced in advance, or at the start of… [More]

How do I read a Genesys Cloud invoice?

See the video overview of How to read a Genesys Cloud invoice. See… [More]

How does hourly billing work?

All feature functionality remains the same as the , 2, or 3… [More]

How is Genesys Cloud billed during the ramp period?

During the ramp period, there are no charges for Genesys Cloud software… [More]

Is billing prorated when upgrading?

Billing is not prorated when an upgrade is made from to ,… [More]

Is there a fee for each of the “people” listed in the directory?

No. We only bill for users that log in to the desktop,… [More]

Our team has several non-active user accounts. We don’t want to delete or disable them. Do we still have to pay for them?

No. As long as those users do not log in during the… [More]

We added a new employee to our service two days before the end of a billing cycle.  Do you prorate this user?

Monthly user fees are not prorated. Adding users at the start of… [More]

We deleted a user account for a team member midway through a billing period.  How does that affect our subscription?

The deleted user counts for the current billing period. We do not… [More]

We have a user that upgraded from a Communicate license to a Genesys Cloud contact center license during a billing cycle. How is this user billed?

This user is billed as a Genesys Cloud contact center user for… [More]

What are the charges for a Genesys Cloud voice bot flow that uses the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration?

To use the Nuance Recognizer as a Service (NRaaS) integration in a… [More]

What are the Genesys Cloud Voice outbound international calling rates?

Refer to the Genesys Cloud Voice pricing article for details.

What defines a billable concurrent user for Genesys Cloud contact center services?

In a concurrent licensing model, Genesys charges for the maximum number (peak)… [More]

What defines a billable named user for Genesys Cloud services?

Anyone that logged in to the Genesys Cloud service during the billing… [More]

What is the Genesys Cloud Voice pricing for the U.S. and Canada?

Refer to the Genesys Cloud Voice pricing article for details.

What plans are available with Genesys Cloud?

You can see the available plans on the Genesys website. For more… [More]

When are enablement service packages billed?

The enablement packages are billed as a one-time upfront fee after the… [More]

When does billing of our Genesys Cloud services begin and end?

The billing period begins on the contract effective date (order date) and… [More]

When does my Genesys Cloud subscription start?

Your Genesys Cloud subscription term begins immediately after the ramp phase. 

When is hardware billed?

Contact your designated Customer Success Manager.

Why do I see both charges for both users and prepay users on my invoice?

If you have elected an annual subscription with monthly billing, we invoice… [More]

Why does my billing report show no cost?

If you purchase Genesys Cloud through a Genesys partner, your billing report… [More]