FAQs: Phones

When updating PureCloud Softphone on a Windows 7 system or Windows 2008 R2 system, why do I receive an error?

The PureCloud Softphone install uses a driver that requires Microsoft SHA-256 certificates, [More]

Will the default station still ring if the user is not logged in?

Yes, but only if the call is directed to a DID or [More]

How do we order more hardware such as phones?

Please contact your PureCloud sales team (direct or partner) for new hardware [More]

Is there a way to change ringtones for the PureCloud soft phone for Windows?

Ringtone customization is not currently available.

Is there a way to change ringtones for the WebRTC phone?

Ringtone customization is not currently available.

What does a badge on an icon mean?

A badge, or visual alert, on an icon, such as Calls, Chat, [More]

Can I delete my call history in PureCloud?

No. Records in your call history are permanent. You cannot delete entries from [More]

What is a PureCloud Softphone?

The PureCloud Softphone is a software-based phone that requires Microsoft Windows. There [More]

What is a PureCloud WebRTC phone?

The PureCloud WebRTC phone runs right from your browser. There is no [More]

How do I update the firmware version for a phone?

When a phone is provisioned or rebooted, PureCloud automatically updates the phone to [More]

How do I downgrade a phone’s firmware version?

If you are experiencing some sort of conflict/problem with a certain version [More]

How do I find out what firmware version a phone is running?

You can find out what firmware version a phone is running by [More]

How to I determine which phone is registered to a particular user?

You can find out which phones are registered to particular users by [More]

What should I do when I remove a physical phone from PureCloud?

When a physical phone is provisioned and registered in a PureCloud organization, [More]

Why am I having difficulty re-provisioning my phone using the global phone provisioning service?

The global phone provisioning service creates a 1:1 association between the phone’s [More]

Can I make and receive calls when I am logged off of PureCloud?

If you have a physical phone set as your default phone, then [More]