Get started

Complete the supervisor training, or proceed through the various setup tasks for your contact center, step-by-step.

Contact center

Configure settings for contact center agents, such as adding ACD skills, adding wrap-up codes, managing queues, and creating canned responses.

Contact center performance tools

See dashboards and views, work with queue and management tools, set and receive alerts, and generate reports to check the current and past performance of your contact center.

Interaction routing (ACD)

Dynamically match customer interactions and agents.

Outbound dialing

Manage outbound dialing campaigns with options to run sequences of campaigns or through scheduling.

Performance management

Provide agents with the tools and motivation to improve their performance with development and feedback training modules and gamification.

Quality management

Manage policies for recording, evaluation, and calibration policies, assign and complete evaluations, and analyze results.


Scripts are on-screen instructions that help agents process calls. Scripts present details about a caller or contact to the agent, often with fields for collecting or updating information.

Speech and text analytics

Gain insights into customer-agent conversations through sentiment analysis and topic trends to highlight areas of improvement, recognition or concern to better understand and serve customers and employees.

Web surveys

Create a survey form to send to customers after interactions.

Workforce Engagement Management

Drive employee engagement to enhance business outcomes with features such as workforce management, performance management, quality management, and speech and text analytics.

Workforce management

Create and manage business units, management units, schedules, time-off requests, shift trades, and more. Develop forecasts, evaluate intraday differences between forecast and actual schedules, and review real-time and historical adherence.