FAQs: Amazon Lex

The integration incurs a “per invocation” Lex or Lex V2 charge. What defines a Lex invocation?

A per invocation charge occurs when you call Lex from Architect. You… [More]

Why can’t I activate my Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Genesys Cloud may be unable to access your AWS account with the… [More]

Why can’t I add a second Amazon Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Currently Genesys Cloud allows one Amazon Lex and one Lex V2 integration… [More]

Why can’t I get DTMF to work with my Amazon Lex integration?

The Genesys Cloud and Amazon Lex integration does not support DTMF. However,… [More]

Why can’t I hear my foreign language prompts with non-ASCII characters in my Amazon Lex bot?

Genesys Cloud does not support prompts in Amazon Lex V1 bots for… [More]

Why can’t I install the Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Amazon Lex and Lex V2 are premium applications. You cannot install a… [More]

Why can’t I see any bots or aliases in Architect after I activate my Lex or Lex V2 integration?

Make sure that a Lex or Lex V2 bot has been created… [More]

Why do I get an error message when a flow calls into a Lex or Lex V2 bot?

Verify that the IAM role has the permission to run bots. For… [More]

Why don’t updates I make to a Lex or Lex V2 bot in the AWS console appear in Architect?

If you publish a new version of a bot, make sure to… [More]