FAQs: Security

Can customers perform automated testing, such as load or stress testing of Genesys Cloud?

Yes, Genesys supports your need to perform automated testing through our Automated… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud offer security features to detect and prevent SIP-based and VoIP vulnerabilities?

Yes. Genesys Cloud has a proprietary border controller that supports (MTLS/SRTP) to… [More]

How do Genesys Cloud services provide customer data security?

The Genesys Cloud suite of products are built on Amazon Web Services… [More]

How does Genesys Cloud handle credentials?

Genesys Cloud understands that your credentials and secrets are sensitive information, and… [More]

How does Genesys Cloud handle email flagged as containing a virus?

Genesys Cloud processes inbound email through AWS Simple Email Service (SES), which… [More]

Is Genesys Cloud compliant with United States Section 889 of the National Defense Authorization Act?

The Genesys Cloud platform is built with a microservices architecture on top… [More]