FAQs: Genesys Cloud for Salesforce

Name change implications for the embedded clients

In 2020, Genesys changed the name of PureCloud to Genesys Cloud. Because [More]

Special considerations about running multiple Genesys Cloud and Salesforce organizations

To run Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, you must have a Genesys Cloud [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce and Genesys Cloud for Zendesk always automatically populated?

Usually. The integrations create subject lines for interactions when the interactions connect. [More]

Is the subject line for interactions in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce customizable?

No. Currently, the subject line is not customizable. Agents can manually override [More]

Do the Genesys Cloud embedded clients allow users to use click-to-dial on behalf of a queue?

Absolutely! With Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, Genesys Cloud for Chrome, and Genesys [More]

When we click View in Salesforce on the Interaction Log window, why does the page sometimes refresh and sometimes not refresh?

This behavior varies depending on if you are in Sales or Service [More]

How do I add a custom field to my Salesforce pages?

Before you can add a custom field to your Salesforce pages, you [More]

Why aren’t fields appearing on my Salesforce pages?

Genesys Cloud for Salesforce gathers data that you can add as default [More]

Why isn’t the client appearing in Lightning?

For the client to appear in Salesforce Lightning, change a few settings [More]

Which Salesforce API does Genesys Cloud for Salesforce use?

Genesys Cloud for Salesforce is based on the Salesforce Open CTI APIs, which [More]