FAQs: Architect

Why don’t I see Architect bot flows?

Genesys Cloud subscribers can add Architect Dialog Engine, the Genesys native bot… [More]

If I use a padded playback mode for estimated wait time, what happens when the estimated wait time enhancement releases?

Accuracy for the estimated wait time calculation improves overall. Any existing padding… [More]

How can I use the new version of estimated wait time?

You can make estimated wait time requests just as you did previously,… [More]

Is the improved estimated wait time calculation behind a different API?

There are no changes to the Estimated Wait Time API other than… [More]

Do user prompt names have a character limit?

The maximum length of a user prompt name is 200 characters. The… [More]

Do flow names have a character limit?

The maximum length of a flow name is 200 characters. The maximum… [More]

How does barge-in work with audio?

The barge-in function allows user input, speech or DTMF, to interrupt the… [More]

Can I flush queued audio sooner than flow termination or the next request for user input?

VXML’s queue-based architecture for playing audio is efficient and also key to… [More]

When does Architect force audio to flush?

At times, Architect forces audio to flush behind the scenes by injecting… [More]

Does Architect flush or play audio that is queued due to previous calls?

In Architect, three operations obtain user input: Menus Collect Input actions Bot… [More]

When I use environments in a Google Dialogflow bot, can I remove an intent?

If you choose an environment in the Call Dialogflow bot action and… [More]

How do I configure barge-in for my Google Dialogflow bot?

You can enable barge-in functionality for the Call Dialogflow Bot action in… [More]

How can I select the Dialogflow text-to-speech voice?

To apply your preferred text-to-speech voice, in the Google Dialogflow console you… [More]

How do I send an SMS from an Architect call flow?

To configure agentless SMS notifications from an Architect flow: Create a data… [More]

Why do I see a Google Dialogflow validation warning?

Do you see the following validation warning: “There are no Architect supported… [More]

How long can an Architect flow run?

As long as the system periodically detects caller input, for example, speech… [More]

How many actions can I run in a flow?

The maximum number of actions Architect runs per flow invocation is 10,000…. [More]

How can I create a flow that takes different paths depending on the holiday day?

In this example, we use the Thanksgiving holiday: To get the fourth… [More]

Why can’t I republish a user prompt after I update it?

Ensure you have the Architect > Flow > Publish assigned to your user role. This permission is… [More]

What is the maximum prompt file size?

The maximum prompt file size is 25 MB.

How do I know if my flow is reaching the maximum size?

You can use the flow size indicator to check flow size. For… [More]

I only have a Communicate license. Can I set up a call flow in Architect?

You can set up basic call routing with a single Communicate license…. [More]

Can I block email from specific email addresses?

You can block specific email addresses from sending emails to your agents…. [More]

How can I improve the quality of the hold music I import?

When you import a music file, the conversion process can negatively affect… [More]

Why does a flow I imported from another org shows validation errors?

Importing a flow from an outside organization may require some configuration updates;… [More]