FAQs: Architect

Can I block email from specific email addresses?

You can block specific email addresses from sending emails to your agents…. [More]

Can I configure an Architect flow to allow inbound callers to opt out of a Genesys Cloud user’s voicemail?

Yes, you can configure the Architect voicemail flow to allow an inbound… [More]

Can I flush queued audio sooner than flow termination or the next request for user input?

VXML’s queue-based architecture for playing audio is efficient and also key to… [More]

Do flow names have a character limit?

The maximum length of a flow name is 200 characters. The maximum… [More]

Do user prompt names have a character limit?

The maximum length of a user prompt name is 200 characters. The… [More]

Does Architect flush or play audio that is queued due to previous calls?

In Architect, three operations obtain user input: Menus Collect Input actions Bot… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud stream media outside your region when using the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration?

Genesys Cloud streams audio in real time to a user-configurable API URL… [More]

How can I create a flow that takes different paths depending on the holiday day?

In this example, we use the Thanksgiving holiday: To get the fourth… [More]

How can I improve the quality of the hold music I import?

When you import a music file, the conversion process can negatively affect… [More]

How can I select the Google Cloud Dialogflow text-to-speech voice?

To apply your preferred text-to-speech voice, in the Google Cloud Dialogflow console… [More]

How can I use the new version of estimated wait time?

You can make estimated wait time requests just as you did previously,… [More]

How do I configure barge-in for my Google Cloud Dialogflow bot?

You can enable barge-in functionality for the Call Dialogflow Bot action in… [More]

How do I know if my flow is reaching the maximum size?

You can use the flow size indicator to check flow size. For… [More]

How do I send an SMS message from an Architect call flow?

To configure agentless SMS notifications from an Architect flow: Create a data… [More]

How do I set the No Input timer for a bot flow?

You can configure No Input timeout for Genesys Dialog Engine Bot flows… [More]

How does barge-in work with audio?

The barge-in function allows user input, speech or DTMF, to interrupt the… [More]

How long can an Architect call flow run?

As long as the system periodically detects caller input, for example, speech… [More]

How many actions can I run in a flow?

The maximum number of actions Architect runs per flow invocation is 10,000…. [More]

I only have a Communicate license. Can I set up a call flow in Architect?

You can set up basic call routing with a single Communicate license…. [More]

If I use a padded playback mode for estimated wait time, what happens when the estimated wait time enhancement releases?

Accuracy for the estimated wait time calculation improves overall. Any existing padding… [More]

Is the improved estimated wait time calculation behind a different API?

There are no changes to the Estimated Wait Time API other than… [More]

What is the maximum prompt file size?

The maximum prompt file size is 25 MB.

When does Architect force audio to flush?

At times, Architect forces audio to flush behind the scenes by injecting… [More]

When I use environments in a Google Cloud Dialogflow bot, can I remove an intent?

If you choose an environment in the Call Dialogflow bot action and… [More]

Where can I view the interaction Voicemail Analytics?

You can find the interaction Voicemail Analytics in the Interactions view. Note:… [More]

Who handles speech-to-text (STT) when using the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration in Genesys Cloud?

Nuance Recognizer as a Service (NRaaS) is a third-party, cloud-to-cloud integration. Genesys… [More]

Why do I see a common module flow validation error?

In an inbound call flow that uses the Call Common Module action to… [More]

Why do I see a Google Cloud Dialogflow validation warning?

Do you see the following validation warning: “There are no Architect supported… [More]

Why does a flow I imported from another org shows validation errors?

Importing a flow from an outside organization may require some configuration updates;… [More]

Why don’t I see Architect bot flows?

Genesys Cloud subscribers can add Architect Dialog Engine, the Genesys native bot… [More]