FAQs: Administrators

How do I send an SMS from an Architect call flow?

To configure agentless SMS notifications from an Architect flow: Create a data [More]

How can I estimate data storage requirements?

For more information on the expected data storage for an org based [More]

Will the Edge accept the Inbound Call in E.164 number format without the leading plus sign (+)?

Yes.  If the site is configured with the default numbering plans, the [More]

Where do I find a list of features included in Genesys Cloud licenses?

For Genesys Cloud feature licensing information, see the Genesys Cloud Pricing Guide [More]

How can I identify an Edge Mini or an Edge Micro?

The Edge Mini and the Edge Micro are physically identical in that [More]

How can I determine which Edge is powering my BYOC Premises configuration?

There are five Edge versions that you can be using in a [More]

Why can’t I find the chat group to receive webhook notifications?

You must be a member of owners-only or members-only Genesys Cloud groups [More]

How much storage do I have for my documents?

If you are using a Genesys Cloud Communicate license, then you have [More]

Can we implement our own STUN/TURN server to proxy connections to Genesys Cloud?

No. There is currently no way to use a private STUN/TURN server. [More]

How can I set up faxing for a user?

Add the Conversation > Fax > Send and Conversation > One Number Fax [More]

Can I make and receive calls when I am logged off of Genesys Cloud?

If you have a physical phone set as your default phone, then [More]

How are faxes sent and received in Genesys Cloud?

When a user sends a fax, Genesys Cloud converts the file to [More]

Can I use a trusted proxy certificate for content inspection with the Bridge Server?

No. Because the security provided by the Bridge Server depends on mutual [More]

What public IP addresses does Genesys Cloud use?

Genesys Cloud uses public IP addresses provided by Amazon. These public IP [More]

Why is my Bridge Server disconnecting every 10 minutes?

The Bridge Server uses long-lived secure WebSocket connections for bi-directional communication with Genesys [More]

Why are some features not visible in the UI?

Note: The following Genesys Cloud features currently require additional permissions settings to [More]

What permissions are not associated with a default role?

Some permissions are not associated with any default roles in Genesys Cloud. For [More]

Which additional roles do contact center agents and supervisors need?

Contact center agents and supervisors need extra roles assigned to them so they [More]

How can I record all phone conversations in Genesys Cloud?

Go to Admin > Telephony > Trunks. In the Line Recording section, check the Enabled box. [More]

Why is a user not receiving calls through their assigned DID number or extension?

If a user has a DID number or extension assigned to them [More]

How can I enable voicemail for users?

To receive voicemail, a user must have the Voicemail > Voicemail > Receive permission [More]

Why do calls disconnect when routed to an inbound call flow?

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is enabled by default for the starting menu [More]

How do I find my organization ID?

To view your organization ID, follow these steps: Click Admin  Under Account [More]

How can I check for outages, availability, and the system status of Genesys Cloud?

Click the link below for Genesys Cloud’s operational, system availability, incident, and [More]

Why are calls not recording?

Call recording requires that Line Recording is enabled on the SIP trunk [More]