FAQs: Voice transcription

Voice transcription – Can I download a voice transcript?

You can export transcripts from one or more interactions using the speech… [More]

Voice transcription – How do I increase the accuracy of voice transcription?

The speech to text transcription model adapts and expands when phrases are added… [More]

Voice transcription – What is the expected level of accuracy when working voice transcription?

Transcription accuracy rates can vary significantly within the contact center.   Transcription accuracy is… [More]

Voice transcription – What makes Genesys voice transcription unique and better than third parties?

The language model used within the Genesys voice transcription capability is trained based on contact center conversations. … [More]

Voice transcription – When I play back a recording the transcript time and the audio are not synchronized. What should I do?

Interaction player and transcription synchronization mismatches occur when there is a clock… [More]

Voice transcription – Why are there so many ellipses (…) in my voice transcriptions instead of words?

The transcription confidence filter dictates the frequency of finding ellipses (…), in… [More]