FAQs: Edges

Does Genesys still sell hardware products for use in Genesys Cloud?

No. Genesys decided to exit the hardware resale business and no longer… [More]

What SIP RFCs does Genesys Cloud support?

Genesys Cloud supports a number of SIP RFCs. You can find a… [More]

Can you configure the Edge to respond to a SIP OPTIONS Ping from an SBC/Proxy?

The ability to respond to a SIP OPTIONS Ping from an SBC/Proxy… [More]

Will the Edge accept the Inbound Call in E.164 number format without the leading plus sign (+)?

Yes.  If the site is configured with the default numbering plans, the… [More]

Do out of service hardware Edges receive automatic Edge software updates?

Yes. Edges in the Out-Of-Service state still receive automatic software updates. Automatic… [More]

What is an Edge group?

An Edge group is a set of Edge devices that are directly… [More]

How long does it take a Genesys Cloud Edge to reboot?

An Edge takes an average of between five to fifteen minutes to… [More]

How do I locate my Edge IP address?

To find an Edge’s IP address: Click Admin. Under Telephony, click Edges…. [More]

How can I determine which Edge is powering my BYOC Premises configuration?

There are five Edge versions that you can be using in a… [More]

An agent ended the interaction, but the disconnect reason says end-user. Why?

If the agent ended the interaction from a headset instead of the Genesys… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud require a SIP proxy between the Edge and SIP provider?

See Eliminate the SIP proxy between the Edge and SIP provider.

How do I replace a Genesys Cloud Edge?

To replace a Genesys Cloud Edge, see Replace the Edge.

How are faxes sent and received in Genesys Cloud?

When a user sends a fax, Genesys Cloud converts the file to… [More]

How does phone redundancy work?

Genesys Cloud phone redundancy operates as an active-active configuration. When a phone provisions… [More]

What if my carrier does not support the E.164 international numbering plan?

Genesys Cloud can transform the calling and called party numbers sent on an… [More]

How do I download Edge logs for support from an offline hardware Edge

To export Edge logs to USB memory use the LCD menu path… [More]

Why are calls not recording?

Call recording requires that Line Recording is enabled on the SIP trunk… [More]