FAQs: Speech and text analytics

Are interaction transcripts encrypted when stored in the cloud?

Interaction transcripts are encrypted and safely stored to protect them from unauthorized… [More]

Best practices – What is the best way to generate business value from speech and text analytics?

With speech and text analytics users within your organization can gain deep… [More]

Best practices for topic creation

To create topics for your business, best practice recommends that you follow… [More]

Best practices when setting up voice transcription

To set up voice transcription, best practice recommends that you follow these… [More]

Content search – For how long can you search for an interaction?

The amount of time you can search for and retrieve an interaction… [More]

Does Genesys Cloud stream media outside your region when using the Nuance Recognizer as a Service integration?

Genesys Cloud streams audio in real time to a user-configurable API URL… [More]

How much storage do transcripts consume and how much does this storage cost?

Voice transcription storage does not generate an extra cost. Transcripts do not count towards the… [More]

Licensing and costs – Are there any additional costs when voice transcription is enabled?

Voice transcription is a speech and text analytics feature and it is… [More]

Licensing and costs – Can voice transcription usage be monitored?

Currently, voice transcription usage cannot be monitored externally. Genesys does measure voice… [More]

Licensing and costs – What license do I need to use speech and text analytics?

Speech and text analytics features are included as part of the or… [More]

Sentiment analysis – Can I turn sentiment analysis on or off?

For transcripts, sentiment analysis is always automatically performed after transcription is complete,… [More]

Sentiment analysis – How do I use sentiment analysis to improve business operations?

Sentiment analysis automatically highlights the exact moment when a customer conveys positive,… [More]

Sentiment analysis – How is the overall customer sentiment score calculated?

Overall customer sentiment score The customer sentiment score aims to capture the… [More]

Sentiment analysis – Is sentiment analysis based on tone or pitch?

Currently, sentiment analysis is based solely on textual content that conveys specific… [More]

Sentiment analysis – What is the customer sentiment trend?

The sentiment trend is determined by comparing the sentiment events found closer… [More]

Sentiment analysis – What should I do to make sentiment analysis available for email, chat, and messages?

To run sentiment analysis for digital interactions (email, chats, and messages), you… [More]

Topic spotting – Are email and chat attachments analyzed?

No, email and chat attachments are not analyzed. Speech and text analytics… [More]

Topic spotting – Are there out-of-the-box topics?

The speech and text analytics solution includes a variety of out-of-the-box topics… [More]

Topic spotting – Are topics and intents from bots the same thing?

Although they are similar concepts, topics and bots are unique and serve… [More]

Topic spotting – Can I turn off topics detection in the IVR leg of the voice call?

Yes, it is possible to turn off topic spotting in the IVR… [More]

Topic spotting – How do I create and configure a default program?

To create a program and configure it as a default program, you… [More]

Topic spotting – How do I generate and use out-of-the-box topics?

To generate and use out-of-the-box topics, you must invoke the create general… [More]

Topic spotting – What are programs used for?

A program is a group of topics that provide instructions to speech… [More]

Topic spotting – What are topics used for?

A topic encapsulates a business level intent detected within interactions. Key phrases… [More]

Topic spotting – What is the best way to organize my topics ?

The best way to organize topics is to tag them.  Tags provide… [More]

Voice transcription – Can I download a voice transcript?

You can export transcripts from one or more interactions using the speech… [More]

Voice transcription – How do I make sure that custom words, product names, and brand names are transcribed correctly?

A variety of factors can affect transcription accuracy. For more information, see… [More]

Voice transcription – How does Extended Voice Transcription Services provide customer data security?

Extended Voice Transcription Services streams media outside of Genesys Cloud to a… [More]

Voice transcription – How much does Extended Voice Transcription Services cost?

Extended Voice Transcription Services is billed based on per minute usage. For… [More]

Voice transcription – Is voice transcription supported using third parties such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft?

Genesys Cloud uses its own native transcription engine and includes Extended Voice… [More]

Voice transcription – What is dictionary management ?

Dictionary management provides a means of improving recognition for business or domain-specific… [More]

Voice transcription – What is the accuracy of voice transcription and how do I increase it?

A variety of factors can affect transcription accuracy. For more information, see… [More]

Voice transcription – What is the difference between Genesys Cloud Voice Transcription and Extended Voice Transcription Services

Both Genesys Cloud Voice Transcription and Extended Voice Transcription Services (EVTS) can… [More]

Voice transcription – What is the expected latency and level of accuracy for voice transcription?

Within Genesys Cloud, audio is transcribed in near real time, with a… [More]

Voice transcription – What makes Genesys voice transcription unique and better than third parties?

The language model used within the Genesys voice transcription capability is trained based on contact center conversations. … [More]

Voice transcription – When I play back a recording the transcript time and the audio are not synchronized. What should I do?

Interaction player and transcription synchronization mismatches occur when there is a clock… [More]

Voice transcription – Why are there so many ellipses (…) in my voice transcriptions instead of words?

The transcription confidence filter dictates the frequency of finding ellipses (…), in… [More]