FAQs: Beta program

Do all features go through beta?

A Product Manager considers the nature of the feature when deciding whether… [More]

How do I give feedback or ask questions during a beta?

After you enroll in a beta, you access a dedicated online space… [More]

How do I learn about betas?

There are many ways to learn about upcoming betas. Beta HQ in… [More]

How do I learn about the status of an in-progress beta?

Sign up for the Beta HQ in the Genesys Cloud Community where… [More]

How do I learn about the status of betas in which I am not enrolled?

Register for the Beta HQ in the Genesys Cloud Community where developers… [More]

How do I leave a beta?

If you no longer want to participate in a beta because of… [More]

How do I sign up for a beta?

Beta participation is open to all current Genesys customers. If you are… [More]

How does my organization get configured for a beta?

Delivery of a beta feature over the Cloud is very straightforward. Genesys… [More]

How should I use the Ideas Portal?

The Ideas Portal is a great place to track specific features from… [More]

If I have issues during a beta, how do I get support?

If you experience critical issues or adverse impacts to your overall Genesys… [More]

What are the expectations of customers who participate in a beta?

When you participate in a beta, it is expected that you will… [More]

What does Genesys Cloud do with my feedback about a beta?

The feedback that you provide during beta is reviewed regularly and the… [More]

What is a beta?

Beta testing is one of the final testing steps that Genesys Cloud… [More]

Why does Genesys Cloud run betas?

As the final round of testing before releasing a feature to a… [More]

Why would I want to be part of a beta?

Being a part of a beta gives you early access to upcoming… [More]