FAQs: Beta program

Are Genesys Cloud betas open to everyone?

You can apply to any of the open betas advertised on Beta… [More]

Do all features go through beta?

Betas are most frequently conducted for customer-facing features, and less frequently used… [More]

How can I provide feedback and ask questions during a beta?

Visit the Beta HQ to provide feedback and receive timely information about… [More]

How do I sign up my organization for a beta?

Beta participation is open to all current Genesys customers. If you are… [More]

How does my organization get configured for a beta?

The Product Manager for the beta enables the beta features for the… [More]

What are the expectations of me during a beta?

During a beta you will be asked to provide feedback through specific… [More]

Where can I learn about betas?

There are many ways to learn about upcoming Betas. Beta HQ: This… [More]