FAQs: Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis – Can I turn sentiment analysis on or off?

For transcripts, sentiment analysis is always automatically performed after transcription is complete,… [More]

Sentiment analysis – How do I use sentiment analysis to improve business operations?

Sentiment analysis automatically highlights the exact moment when a customer conveys positive,… [More]

Sentiment analysis – How is the overall customer sentiment score calculated?

Overall customer sentiment score The customer sentiment score aims to capture the… [More]

Sentiment analysis – Is sentiment analysis based on tone or pitch?

Currently, sentiment analysis is based solely on textual content that conveys specific… [More]

Sentiment analysis – What is the customer sentiment trend?

The sentiment trend is determined by comparing the sentiment events found closer… [More]

Sentiment analysis – What should I do to make sentiment analysis available for email, chat, and messages?

To run sentiment analysis for digital interactions (email, chats, and messages), you… [More]