FAQs: Screen recording

Can I record an agent’s screen during non-ACD interactions?

No, Genesys Cloud can only record an agent’s screen during ACD interactions… [More]

How much bandwidth does screen recording require?

A single screen recording typically requires 150-250 kbps. Screen resolution and the… [More]

I have installed Genesys Cloud Background Assistant (GCBA), but screen recording is not working. How do I troubleshoot this?

Verify that you have a QM policy in place to start screen… [More]

Is the agent’s screen recorded during a consult transfer?

Yes. If a screen recording policy applies to the current interaction, then… [More]

What file size can I expect for screen recordings?

Screen recording file size ranges from 3 MB/15 mins to 18 MB/15 mins…. [More]

What is the format of downloaded screen recordings?

Screen recordings use the WebM format. You can use any media player… [More]

What is the screen recording frame rate?

3 frames per second.

What ports does screen recording require?

Genesys Cloud uses a range of ports for the secure transmission of… [More]

When working with Genesys Cloud Background Assistant (GCBA), do I need to enable additional ports in my enterprise firewall or VPN?

The ports used for signaling and streaming the screens to Genesys Cloud… [More]

Why won’t GCBA support VDI environments?

If you install GCBA on the user’s desktop (that is, outside of… [More]